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Drywall Screw - Black Phosphate - Box 3.5 x 25mm

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Drywall Screw - Black Phosphate - Box Coarse Thread Specialist Screw. Head: Countersunk Phillips Drive Bugle. Finish: Black Phosphate. Specialist Screws for drywall applications. Used for fitting plasterboard, fibreboard and other types of insulation boards to wood or steel studding -Phillips drive head. -Screws are made from fully hardened C1022 steel. -Extra deep insert bit recess offering a firmer positive drive. -Extremely sharp piercing point. -Thread gives speedy insertion and improved holding power. -Bugle head allows the screw to sink effortlessly into the dry lining without the need for countersinking. -Bugle head minimises damage to the surface enabling a smoother surface finish. -Phillips bit included with every box of 500 and 1000. -Predominantly used when fitting plasterboard to timber stud work.

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